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Clipping images with photoscape - tutorial

September 23, 2014

I had promised to write this tutorial a few weeks ago, so it's about time to put some deeds into my words. So today I will show you how you can easily clip your digital images with the use of the free image editing program Photoscape. You can download this program for free at: http://www.photoscape.org/ps/main/download.php

I'm going to start at the point where you've downloaded the program, you've installed it and you've opened it to do some image editing. And this is what your screen should look like:

In the left upper sidebar you see the structure of your computer. There you can select the folder in which the image you want to work on is stored. In the left lower sidebar you see the selected folder with the images. I've selected one of the images (just click on it in the sidebar) and it has appeared in the big working space area.

I want to clip a square shape out of this image, capturing the cute girl. To do so I need to open the 3rd tab on the bottom menu bar. Unfortunately for most of my readers, my program is in Dutch, but in English the 3rd tab should be named something like 'Clipping' or 'Cutting'.

Once you press that 3rd tab, you can open the clipping size screen by clicking on the banner at the left, it probably says something like 'free clipping'.

A pop-up screen appears showing you all the clipping sizes you have at your disposal. Play around with them as you like. To clip a perfect square though, you have to select the 1:1 size.

Once you've selected the size you put your mouse over the image, click the left mouse button and drag across the image until you have the size you want. Then you press the 'Clipping/Cutting' button in the bottom menu bar.

And this is the result! A perfect square shaped image. Don't forget to save!

I'm going to take this tutorial one step further though: I'm going to clip a circle shaped image!
To make a perfect circle you first need to select the 1:1 clipping size. Then check the little box just beneath the size selecting screen, this box is for clipping into round shapes. Depending on the clipping size you've selected it will clip a circle or an ellipse shape.

In the image above you can see that I've selected the 1:1 clip size and I've checked the box for round clipping.

Once again, put your mouse over the image, click the left mouse button and start dragging over the image until you have the circle size you want. Then press the 'Clipping/Cutting' button and this is your result:

Don't forget to save!


Although Photoscape lets you clip gorgeous circles and ellipses, it has one little problem: the background of a circle or ellipse shaped image will always have a color. You can choose the color in the colorbox just beneath the little box you have to check off to make the clipping round.

For some projects you really need a transparent background on a circle shaped image. Programs like Adobe Photoshop do the trick, but are pretty expensive. You can find some good programs online that will do the trick for you, but so far the programs that gave the best results are paid programs, meaning that they charge you per image clipped, or per monthly subscription. The one that I like is Clipping Magic, I had the advantage a while back to use it for free when it was still in Beta testing mode. I don't use it anymore, since I've got Photoshop myself now, but if you have a few images to clip you might want to check it out.

Till next time!