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Resizing & Framing Images With Photoscape - Tutorial

August 21, 2014

I've spent quite some time these last few weeks on creating stuff for my Etsy shops and helping a few clients with some custom work. A lot of fun, but it leaves little time to write some tutorials for this blog.

So today I had some time left and decided to write a new tutorial for you all. This time it's about resizing pictures with Photoscape and framing them with a frame image. Photoscape is a photo editing program which can be downloaded for free at: http://www.photoscape.org/ps/main/download.php

While this tutorial is particularly written for people that buy my Premade Blogger Templates, other photo edit enthusiasts will benefit from it as well. So let's get started!


To show you how to resize and image I will use this beautiful picture of a heather area. In it's current state it's 1534x1534 pixels in size. Let's pretend that I need it for a sidebar with a width of 360 pixels. While Blogger often lets you 'shrink the image to fit the sidebar', this doesn't always work out fine. So if you are having trouble with this, you should resize the picture to the exact width of the sidebar.

So here's our picture in it's current state:

Now let's open the Photoscape program and start resizing!

Above you see the opening screen from Photoscape. On the left upper side it shows the structure of your computer where you can select a folder of choice. On the left lower side it shows the selected folder containing the image we want to work on. I've selected that image and it appeared in the work space area.

On the bottom menu bar you can see the current size of the image stated. To resize it we need to be in the first tab 'Start'. Under that tab, select the resize/different size option.

Once you've selected the resize option, you will see a little pop-up screen appear. In this screen you will be able to fill in the new size in pixels. Mine has to go from 1534 pixels wide to 360 pixels wide to fit the sidebar. By filling in 360 in the width area you will see that it automatically will adjust the height to keep the picture in shape. Now click the 'OK' button.

If everything went well, you will now see the smaller image appear in the work space area. After saving the image you're done!


When you buy one of my Premade Blogger Templates, and then I mean the ones that you have to install yourself, you will often get a framing picture with the template file. This frame can be put over a picture of choice for a nice sidebar image look.

So let's pretend you just bought such a package and you want to frame one of your pictures to upload it to your blog's sidebar.

This is the result we want to achieve:

What is important is that the picture should be the size of the frame image. The frame images you will receive in the Template Packages are sized for the sidebar of that particular template. In this case it's a frame image of 300x300 pixels that we would like to put over a photo. So we have to make sure the photo we use is 300x300 pixels.

In this example I'm using a picture that is already square shaped, like the frame. I will post a tutorial soon on how to clip and cut images from rectangles to squares. So keep your eye out for that!

Now over to our picture and let's open Photoscape and get started!

Here is the opening screen of Photoscape again, with the computer structure and the selected folder on the left, and our selected image in the work space area.

The picture I use is already 300x300 pixels in size, the exact shape of the frame image. If you have a picture that is larger than the frame image, follow the steps in the first part of this tutorial to resize an image.

Now that we've selected the picture we want to be framed it's time to put the frame on top of it. We can do so by selecting the second tab in the bottom menu bar (this tab will be called something like 'adding/adding tool/additions').

Withing this second tab we are going to select the image adding button. When pressing that button we will see this:

A new screen pops up showing the structure of our computer. Now go to the folder where the frame image is stored and then select and open that frame image.

Once selected, you will see that the frame image will cover the underlying image perfectly. To make sure the frame is exactly centered you can select the 'center' option in the little screen that will automatically pop-up after selecting the frame image. Then press the 'OK' button in this little screen.

And here is the result: our picture perfectly framed and fitted for the sidebar! Don't forget to save it though!

IMPORTANT INFO ON SAVING: if you want to upload an image to Blogger, it should be in .PNG file, otherwise it can show up really dark on your blog. When you save an image on Photoscape you will be presented with the option to save the picture as a .PNG file.

I hope this tutorial was helpful. Keep an eye on the next one in which I will show you how to clip and cut images from a rectangle into a square & a circle shape. See you next time!