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The Dutch Lady Designs is a small graphic design company based in The Netherlands. It specializes in colorful and feminine designs for clipart, digital backgrounds, printables & Adobe Photoshop templates. Please feel welcome to browse the website!

Start Designing Yourself Today!

August 17, 2014

Hi guys! Yesterday I added a new section to my second Etsy shop. This time not just to sell my own stuff, but to help out other beginning digital designers!

When first starting as a designer most of us build upon the design of other designers. Often we don't have the right (and also expensive) programs yet to start from scratch.

While the internet is full of beautiful digital images one could use as a basis for their own design, these images often come with copyright. Therefore you need images with a commercial license that give you the ability to build upon them and create your own unique items that you can then sell under your own name.

I've just created the first 4 sets of digital images that can be used as the basis for digital design. And when you buy a set of 9 images for $5.00 in my Etsy shop you will get the Commercial License with it. That means that you can create your own digital items with my images as a basis and then start selling them yourself (either on Etsy or somewhere else).


* as a background for a logo you create
* as part of a banner or icon
* you can make a pattern with them, maybe turn them into a digital scrapbook paper after that
* you can add other digital stuff to make your own digital item

As long as you alter more than only the color you can sell it and make your own money with it!

Let's have fun creating!