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How To Install A Blogger Template - Tutorial

July 23, 2014

This tutorial is for the people that purchased a Premade Blogger Template in my Etsy shop and for everyone else who wants to know how to install a Blogger template on a Blogger blog.

Before installing a template you must have a Google account with an active Blogger account attached. It could be that you just created a Blogger blog and did nothing more than add a blog title and create the matching blogspot.com address. Or you might have had a Blogger blog for some time now, filled with posts that you've written, but you've become a little bored with the layout and therefore you want to install a new template.

In case you already have an active blog with posts it's important to back up your old layout first before installing a new one. So let us begin there.


To make a back up, go to your Blogger account page and choose option 'Template' on the left side of the screen.

On the screen that opens click the 'Back up/Restore' button in the upper right corner.

A little screen will open and on that screen click on the 'Download Full Template' button. Your current template will automatically be stored in the folder of your computer where all your downloads are directed to. In case you ever need to upload your old template you can find it there.

After pushing the download button a small grey screen appears. Make sure you check the box for saving the template and then click 'OK'.

One more thing: the back up only downloads the layout of the blog, it doesn't back up any content like posts or images.


Let's assume you bought one of my premade templates. After purchase in the Etsy store you will be able to download a ZIP file containing the template file. Unwrap this ZIP file and store the template file in a folder of your choice.

Now go to your Blogger account page and choose option 'Template' on the left side of the screen.

Choose the 'Backup/Restore' button in the upper right corner of the screen that appears.

In the small screen that opens click on 'Select/Browse' and select the template file from the folder you stored it in.

Look for the folder in your computer where the new template file is stored and then select that file and open it with the button in the right lower corner of the screen.

Once you've opened the file you see its name appear behind the 'Select/Browse' button in the small screen. Then push the 'Upload' button right under it. This will upload the new template to your blog.

If done correctly you will now see the new template appear on the small image screen that shows the current template as 'Live on Blog'.

When you click on the 'Customize' button you will be able to change a lot of fonts and colors if you want to.

When you choose option 'Layout' on the left side of this page you will be able to add or remove gadgets in the sidebar.

By choosing the option 'Pages' you can add or remove pages from the menu bar.

I hope this tutorial was helpful. Don't hesitate to contact me if you still have questions!