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Etsy Shop Banners & Avatars

July 22, 2014

Yesterday I wrote a tutorial on how to add text to images with the Photoscape photo editing program. In this tutorial I used a premade Etsy Shop Banner as an example, mainly because as of yesterday I opened a new section to the Etsy shop: Etsy Shop Banners.

There are thousands and thousands of shop owners on Etsy and each of them is trying to give their shop a unique look. This can be done by uploading a shop banner with your shop name on it and adding a photo or an avatar to your Etsy profile.

The sets of Etsy Shop Banners & Avatars that are now available in my shop can be used to create a unique look for your Etsy shop. All you have to do is add the name of your shop yourself. And I explained how you can do that in yesterday's tutorial.


* 5 digital Etsy shop banners as shown in .PNG file
* 5 digital Etsy avatars as shown in .PNG file
* banners are 760x100 pixels, the exact size for an Etsy banner
* avatars are 100x100 pixels and fit perfectly as a profile picture
* a link to the online visual tutorial on how to add text to the banners
* the link to the free photo editing program Photoscape

If you have an Etsy shop it's worth to check these sets out, so I hope to see you around in the shop. Here are some examples of the sets:


  1. Do you think you will do facebook cover profile pictures like this? :)

    1. It's not a bad idea at all! But if I decide to do that it will be after my vacation of next week ;-)