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Two More Paper Sets

July 6, 2014

I got a little creative this afternoon after dreaming about making digital scrapbook paper again. Yes, I dream about making stuff.... it's obvious that my designing passion is taking on huge forms ;-)

Anyway, it all resulted in two new sets of digital scrapbook paper. One set has 12 papers, the other one has 10.

Why the difference you may ask? Well, Etsy only allows up to 100 MB of digital files in an upload for each item you put on there. These 100 MB's have to be divided over no more than 5 separate ZIP-files and the thing with digital paper files is that they can be rather large. Especially when a lot of design is going on in the papers, which is the case with the floral lace papers. So I had to keep it at 10 papers for that set otherwise there was no possibility to upload them to Etsy.


The Marbled Paper Set in Greens & Blues includes:

* 12 digital papers in .JPEG file
* all papers are 300 DPI
* papers have a design in marble style with some handwriting scribbles throughout the design
* all papers are 3600x3600 pixels in size

The Floral Lace Paper Set includes:

* 10 digital papers in .JPEG file
* all papers are 300 DPI
* papers have a floral lace design in purple, pink & reddish tones
* all papers are 3600x3600 pixels in size