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Add Text To Images With Photoscape - Tutorial

July 21, 2014

Hi there! It's been a while since I wrote a proper tutorial for this blog. So it's about time to change that and add another one to the tutorial & design page.

This time I will show you how you can add text to all your images by using the free photo editing program Photoscape (download it for free at ). In this tutorial I will take an empty Etsy Banner image as an example to which I want to add the name of my Etsy Shop. But you can add text to any image of your choice.

As of today I will start selling Etsy Banner sets in my Shop. For $ 2.50 you buy a set of 5 banners with 5 matching avatars. These banners are the correct size for using them as a shop banner on Etsy. All that is left to do is add a shop title to it. So this tutorial will also help people out that buy a set of Etsy banners. Let's start with the tutorial!


I start this tutorial by opening the Photoscape program on my computer. So in order to do so you must have downloaded the program and it must be installed on your computer. If not, then please do that first.

1. Open Photoscape and Choose the Photo Editing option.

This will open up a work space with two sidebars on the left. In the upper sidebar you can see the structure of your computer, in the lower sidebar it will show the folder that you've selected from the structure of your computer. That would be the folder in which the image you want to add text to is stored.

2. Select the image you want to work with. You see it appears in the work space area.

3. Go to the bottom menu bar and choose the second tab which is probably called 'additions' or something (mine only uses Dutch words).

4. From this tab menu choose the option to add text, which is indicated by the 'T'.

Now you can start adding text to your image. Once you've pushed the 'T' button a small menu will appear on the left side with a lot of options for the text you want to add. Let's take a look at them:

In the image above I've added the name of my shop to the Etsy Banner. In the menu on the left you can see that I've entered the text, I've chosen a color for the text, a font that I like, the size of the font and the position where I want the text to appear.

Just play around with the options of this menu until you have it right. Click the 'OK' button in the top of the menu and your shop name is on the banner. If you're not content with it, just double click on the text on the banner and the text menu will open again so you can make changes.

After adding the shop name, you might want to add another piece of text as a tag line. Do so by clicking on the 'T' button in the 'Addition' tab again. The text menu will open again and you are now able to add another piece of text.

As you can see in the image above, the text menu gives you the opportunity to make the text more transparent, to create lines around the text or to create a shadow around the text. Just play around with it until you're satisfied and push the 'OK' button again.

5. Save your new image!

Don't forget to save the image with text under a new name. Now you're done. All you have to do is upload it to your Etsy account and your shop will have a unique banner!

I hope that after reading this tutorial you will be able to decorate any image of choice with beautiful text. And if you're a bit bored with the fonts that Photoscape has to offer, don't worry, there is a way to add more beautiful free fonts to this program. Please read my tutorial on it:


See you next time!