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Social Media Flag Banners In Pastels

June 8, 2014

Sometimes I create an item that I fall in love with myself, and that's exactly the case with this set of pastel colored social media flag banners. I just like the pastel colors, they give me a Summer feeling. I even went as far as to give the colors Summer flavor names like raspberry, ice, cappuccino and pistachio. Sounds more like an ice cream parlour than a digital design item.... ;-)

Anyway, let's see what this set has to offer:

* 130 social media icons in flag banner style and pastel colors
* all icons in .PNG file
* icons have no background
* icons are 80x95 pixels in size
* 5 different colors: grey - raspberry - pistachio - cappuccino - ice
* 2 different styles: regular and with structure
* 13 icons per color and style: empty icon - heart icon (bloglovin & we heart it) - email - google+ - instagram - linkedin - pinterest - rss - tumblr - twitter - vimeo - youtube & a surprise icon!
* set will be delivered in 1 ZIP-file after purchase

Oh, I can already reveal what the surprise icon is: it's a Facebook icon! I can't mention or show it on Etsy because then I'm in trouble again. Facebook is so difficult when it comes to using their icon. Can you believe that they were giving me a hard time because I used the letter F on an icon? It wasn't even their icon, it was just an F in a totally different font. But apparently they think they are now big enough to tell people they can't use the letter F anymore in their creations because it's illegal.... crazy world....

If you're interested in buying this pastel set of flag icons then just click the link on top of this post and you will be directed to my Etsy shop. If you want to buy the item in one of my other stores, then just click on the store name in the sidebar and you will be taken to that store.

Till next time!