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Pixelscrapper - My Dirty Little Secret

June 4, 2014

When I started this blog back in March I basically thought of it as a place to share the digital stuff I make. I hoped that by having a little blog besides my Etsy shop more people would get to know my products.

Of course the thing with blogs is that they don't take off right away and to be fairly honest: they might never take off at all. But I decided to give it a try anyway.

In those last few months I surprised myself by how much I've come to love this little place of mine. And not so much for the shameless promotion of my own items, but more so for sharing the freebies on Fridays and the tutorials I've started to share. Giving makes happy, that's for sure!

So when I came across this awesome website a couple of weeks ago I knew I had to share it with my readers. That website was Pixelscrapper (www.pixelscrapper.com). A site that offers free digital items for lovers of scrapbooking and designing.

What I like about it is that it is both for people that just want to get creative with digital scrapbooking in a personal way, and for people like me that design small digital decorations.

The site offers ready made digital embellishments, papers and other decorations for instant use, but also templates for designers. And those templates may be used for commercial purposes too, as long as the designer alters the template in a way and doesn't sell it as it is. And that is pretty special, because a lot of sites that offer templates for designers either want to get paid for it or they want you to credit them in some way.

Embellishments ready for use - aren't they pretty?


Well, you sign up for free and from that moment on you will be given 5 credit points each day. With these points you can 'buy' digital items for personal or commercial use. When buying for commercial use you pay a little more for the item of your choice.

The credit points don't accumulate, so when you don't use them you will get 5 new credit points the next day, but the points from the day before will be gone.

There are ways to get more credit points each day: you can comment on the forum, leave comments for the designers, or just share the link to the website somewhere.

So far I've only been using my daily credit points to download great stuff, but if you're a bit more greedy and want it all, they offer a paid option. For 10 dollars (personal use) or 20 dollars (commercial use) you can download everything you want for a month. And since they offer a lot of stuff it's definitely a cheap option to get lovely scrapbooking items.

The black labels came as a template, ready to be altered by a designer

Now you might wonder why the heck I'm sharing this dirty little scrapbook secret with you. Am I not afraid that my customers will leave me and go over to Pixelscrapper to download everything for free? No, I'm not afraid of that.

The thing with designing is that every designer adds a personal touch to the stuff they make. Some people will like this style and some will like that style. And then there are people that don't have time to get to work with templates and rather buy a full premade set. So I guess there will always be a small market left for my own stuff.

Anyway, like the founder of Pixelscrapper, Marisa Lerin, states: 

"We are scrapbookers, digital designers, and artists, and we believe in the inherent value of creative work. We believe that art inspires, challenges, and changes us. We believe that creative ability is a large part of what makes us human, and we believe that there is more to life than meets the eye. We believe that creative works should be valued and protected, built upon, archived, and made accessible to as many as possible."

So check it out and see if the items spark the creativity inside of you too! Head over to Pixelscrapper!

Lots of gorgeous digital papers available for instant scrapbooking like this one or as a grey/black template for designers