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Pastel Colored Labels With A White Border

June 12, 2014

I was so occupied over the last week with making the first sets of digital scrapbook paper for the shop that I totally forgot about a label project I had started the week before. I guess when you're working on creative projects yourself you can relate to that. Suddenly this great idea pops up in your head and you have to act on it immediately, forgetting about all the other creative stuff you were working on ;-)

Well, after making 12 sets of paper I woke up from the creative haze and remembered the set of labels I had actually been working on. I finished them yesterday and put them in the shop. It's about time to share something else than paper!


* 65 digital label images in pastel colors with white inner borders
* all images are in. PNG files
* all images are 750 pixels wide, heights vary according to shape
* the set contains 5 different label shapes
* 35 labels have solid colors with a white inner border
* 30 labels have 2 different colors: one for the outside border, one for the inside
* the set will be delivered to you in 1 ZIP-file after purchase

Till next time!