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4 Free Stock Photo Sites I Use Myself

June 10, 2014

Last week I wrote a post on Pixelscrapper, a site where you can download beautiful digital scrapbook items for free. This time I want to share some links to a couple of websites that offer free stock photographs.

While there is nothing wrong with asking money for artistic creations (I do it myself in my online stores) it's also nice to give some stuff away for free every now and then.

When you're a blogger, like me, you probably want to use photos in your blog posts to make it more attractive for readers. On this blog I hardly ever have to use photos since most of the pictures involve my own digital design. On my personal blog however, I do use at least one photo per blog post.

I try to use photos that I shoot myself, but let's be honest, I'm not a professional photographer. My pics can look like crap to the point where even a photo editing program can't save them ;-)

And then there is the problem that I don't always have suitable pictures on hand for every subject I'm writing about. That's when stock photos become interesting.

Two Free Pics From MorgueFile - Isn't That Lion Gorgeous?

While the internet is full of gorgeous pictures that anyone can copy or download with the click of a mouse, most of these pictures have copyright. So it's not a good idea to just scrape a few pics from the internet and use them on your blog. There's a chance this might get you into some legal trouble.

To avoid such legal issues there are sites that sell stock photos, meaning you pay a small amount of money for downloading the picture, but then you are able to use it for all kinds of projects. An example of such a website is Shutterstock.

While Shutterstock has beautiful images, there are some great free options as well. And I would like to share them with you so you will be able to use beautiful pictures in a free but legal way.

Free Photo From Picjumbo

While there are many of these free sites to be found I'm going to share the links to the ones that I use and like myself:
  1. Death To The Stock Photo - when you subscribe to this site you will get a monthly email from them with 10 high quality photos you can use for all sorts of projects. Each month the theme of the photos is different.
  2. Picjumbo - this site offers beautiful high quality pictures online which you can download for free. You can subscribe to their newsletter so you won't miss out on any new uploaded photos.
  3. Imagebase - free pictures divided into 6 categories: people - objects - nature - slides - city - holy land.
  4. MorgueFile - a huge database of free photos, some more professional than others, but that didn't prevent me from finding just the right picture on there more than once.

Free Photo From Death To The Stock Photo - The Photo At The Top Of The Post Is Also From Them

The great thing about these four websites is that not only do they offer free images, but they don't require you to mention their site when you use the images. While it's not such a big deal to give credits there are projects in which you want to keep things as clean as possible. Maybe you want to create a brochure with the pictures for a service your company offers. In such a case you don't want to fill half of your brochure with credits.

Free Picture From Imagebase

Anyway, I hope this tiny list of free stock photo offering sites helps you further with your creative projects. If you know about a similar site that you use yourself, please leave a link to it in the comments below! We would all appreciate that!

See you next time and have fun creating!

Another Beautiful Picture From Picjumbo


  1. can I add text on those photos? do I need to credit them while using the photos?

    1. Yes you can! And you don't have to credit them, that's what so wonderful about these sites!