May 19, 2014

Social Media Icons In Teal & Salmon

Time for a new set of social media icons! This time I decided to use the official icons from different media. Since Facebook make a problem out of this I did a little sneaky thing. I added a Facebook icon to the set but I didn't display it in the showcase images I put on Etsy.


* 100 different social media icons in teal and salmon color style
* 16 solid teal icons - size 85x85 pixels
* 16 solid salmon icons - size 85x85 pixels
* 17 patterned teal icons - sizes 85x85 & 100x100 pixels
* 17 patterned salmon icons - sizes 85x85 & 100x100 pixels
* 17 icons with teal border and salmon inside - sizes 85x85 & 100x100 pixels
* 17 icons with salmon border and teal inside - sizes 85x85 & 100x100 pixels
* all images in .PNG file without background
* icons in set include:

Blogger - Bloglovin - Email - Etsy - Facebook - Flickr - Flower - Google - Instagram - Picasa - Pinterest - Rss - Shopping Cart - Tumblr - Twitter - Youtube - Empty Icon

The normal price of this set is $ 3.50, but until May 31st you get a 50% discount when you use coupon code BIRTHDAY at the checkout of the Etsy shop. This discount will be given on the total amount of your purchase, so not just for this set.

See you next time!

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