May 1, 2014

A Sea Shell Collection - Matching Blog Headers, Icons, Banners & Decorations

Inspired by the matching Note Block Style Sets I made I created another matching set for blogs and websites. This time with a nautical theme: watercolor sea shells!

This theme is divide into 2 sets: a custom blog header set and a blog style kit which contains social media icons, blog banners and a few decorations to spice up the look of your blog.


* 8 blog headers in different colors and styles
* 2 headers with brown border - 2 headers with blue border - 4 headers with white border
* 2 different standard sizes: 1000x450 pixels and 1000x410 pixels
* the use of 2 different font styles for titles and 2 font styles for subtitles
* the headers will be customized by me with your blog name and subtitle on it
* all 8 headers will be delivered to you in both .PNG files and in .JPEG files
* with 8 headers at your disposal you will be able to create the unique look you're after and change looks whenever you feel like it

NOTE: if you want the header in another size to fit your blog, that's no problem. Also, if you think that a font used in one of the other blog header packages fits your blog better, it's possible to use that font with these headers.


* over 400 digital images for blogs and websites
* all images in .PNG files, no backgrounds
* 6 digital decoration buttons
* 11 rectangle banners: empty - about - contact - follow - info - links - media - recipes - shop - sponsors - subscribe
* 11 social media icons: empty - envelop - heart - link - B - E - F - G - I - P - T
* banners in 2 sizes: 300 & 200 pixels wide to fit sidebars
* icons in 3 sizes: 120x120, 100x100 & 80x80 pixels to fit sidebars
* all banners with a brown border, blue border, white border
* all banners with 3 fonts: Remington Noiseless, La Belle Aurore & Poma
* all icons with a brown border & a blue border
* all icons with 3 fonts: Remington Noiseless, La Belle Aurore & Poma
* mix & match to create a unique nautical look on your blog or website
* set will be delivered to you in 1 ZIP-file

If you're interested in buying these items then click on the links on top of this post to direct you to my Etsy shop. But before you do, read the next paragraph on how to get great discounts!


Buying both sets would cost you $ 13.50 in total, but there is a cheaper option!

Just purchase the Blog Style Kit first for $ 3.50. After paying you will receive a Thank-You-Coupon-Code which will give you a 50% discount on your next purchase!

Then make a second purchase in which you order the custom blog header package and you use the 50% coupon code at checkout. Instead of $ 10.00 the custom set will now only cost you $ 5.00! Now that's a deal, isn't it?

And to make it even better: when you favorite my shop, one of my items, or you start following my shop on Etsy for the first time, I will send you a code for a free item with your next purchase. So on top of the deal mentioned above, you can pick out another item up to $ 3.50 for free!

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