May 8, 2014

Square Labels In Painted Style

If you saw yesterday's post about the Nature's Greens Blog Kit you might recognize today's set of labels. I actually took the decorative squares from the blog set as my starter point for this set of Painted Style Square Labels.

I added some stuff to them to spice them up a bit, but the set also contains 11 empty labels so don't worry.


* 88 digital labels in .PNG file for optimal digital use
* 11 different colors used
* 8 different styles used: empty - with text - with lines - with a ladybug - with a fantasy stamp - with a leaf - with leaves - with a heart
* each label is 500x500 pixels big
* labels have no backgrounds or watermarks

Use them for scrapbooking, photo editing, card making, or spice up a blog or website with them. When you have a photo editing program on your computer you can easily change their size from the 500x500 pixels to a smaller size to make some kind of buttons. 

Don't have a photo editing program yet? Read my post on a free program called Photoscape, it will spark your inner creative, I promise!

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