May 20, 2014

How To Add More Fonts To Photoscape

how to add more fonts to photoscape and photoshop

Sometimes enough is just not enough. I'm not talking about chocolate here though ;-) I'm talking about fonts!

Just take a peak at a few random websites and blogs and you will notice that people like to use all kinds of fonts to express themselves. Whether those fonts are romantic, clean, playful or elegant, they give a website or project a certain feeling and experience.

While the first few years of using Photoscape (the free image editing program you can find online) I was happy with the large set of fonts that was already included, I began to look around for other kinds of fonts to use in my projects.


Of course this cheap Dutchie looked for free fonts, otherwise I would have to make investments long before I ever made my first Dollar on Etsy.

Although Google has a large base of free fonts (Google Fonts) which can be used on websites, these particular fonts could not be integrated directly into the Photoscape program that I use for all my digital projects.

After some searching I finally found a great website that offers over 500 free fonts! That website is Urban Fonts. There are multiple sites like Urban Fonts, so check out the Fabulous Fonts page for more options.

how to add more fonts to image editing programs

When you visit the site all you have to do is click on the 'free font' tab and start searching for the font that you like. Once you've found it you can click on the 'download' button which gives you the chance to download the font to your computer.

how to add more fonts to image editing programs

how to add more fonts to image editing programs


On your computer the font will appear in the folder where all your downloads end up. The font will be wrapped up in a ZIP-file.

The ZIP-file can be opened with a free program called WinRar. Most computer users have this installed on their computers, but if not just download it here for free first.
Once WinRar is installed you can easily open the ZIP-file by clicking on it and by choosing the 'open file' tab.

So let's assume you've opened your ZIP-file. This is what the opened font file will look like:

how to add more fonts to image editing programs

Now choose the file with the TTF extension and click on it. A smaller screen will open showing the font. The last thing you have to do is click on the 'install' button and you're done!

how to add more fonts to image editing programs

The font is now automatically placed in your Photoscape program and ready for use. In the same way you can add more free fonts to Photoshop and probably a lot of other image editing programs.

The tutorial above is specifically aimed for adding free fonts to image editing programs, but it works the same for most design fonts that can be purchased online.

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