May 23, 2014

Freebie Fridays #8 - A Set Of White Stamps

In my Etsy shop I sell several colorful stamp sets. These stamps are fantasy shapes with no background. So you can put them over all kinds of digital images to decorate those images.

Personally I think they have a kind of tribal or ethnic look to them and in the sets on Etsy I used various color tones and I played around with the edges of some of the stamps. Some edges are clean, others more smudgy, like a real stamp.

For some time now I wanted to try out white stamps. Of course they can only be used on a colorful surface, otherwise you won't see them. I made 7 of them and thought it would be nice to give them away for free so you can play around with them too. And when you like them and want more color you are more than welcome to check out the sets in the Etsy shop.


* 7 digital white stamp images
* all in .PNG file for digital  use
* stamps have no backgrounds
* stamps are 600x600 pixels in size

Oh, and if you download them and you view them on your computer, don't worry about the white squares you will see. The stamps will only get visible once you place them on top of a colored surface. So you will need a photo editing program for that. 

If you liked this set of white stamps, please let me know in the comments. I would love to get some feedback every now and then!

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