May 9, 2014

Freebie Fridays #6 - Patterned Buttons With Border

Friday again, and that means that I'm going to share some of my digital stuff for free. I can't help but looking forward to these Fridays. I really hope I can make lots of people happy with the set of patterned buttons I made for today.

I made it a while back and it was sitting on my computer to be transformed into something else really, but then I kind of forgot about it. When I came across the buttons again I thought: why not make that a freebie instead of turning it into a larger set to sell on Etsy? And so it was done!


* 32 digital patterned buttons with a border
* 8 different patterns, 4 colors per pattern
* buttons are 400x400 in size
* buttons are in .PNG file for optimal digital use
* buttons have no background

Use them for all your digital projects and if you want to add text to them or resize them, just download Photoscape from the Internet. It's a free photo editing tool that makes all your creative dreams come true. I can play around with it for hours ;-)

Hope to see you next Friday for more freebies! Have a great weekend!

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