May 29, 2014

Flower Clipart In 3 Styles

I recently made 3 sets of colorful flower clipart and these sets seem to do well on Etsy, so I figured let's give the customers some more of what they fancy!

I made a new set of digital flower clipart in red, orange, yellow and pink tones. This time I included 3 styles in one set: a regular clipart style, a fabric look style and a sand grain style. 


* 48 digital flower clipart images
* all images in .PNG file
* images have no backgrounds
* all images are 600 pixels wide, heights vary slightly
* 16 images in regular look, 16 images in fabric look & 16 images in sand grain look
* set will be delivered to you in 1 ZIP-file after purchase

And remember, till the end of May you can use coupon code BIRTHDAY  at the checkout of my Etsy shop. With this code the total amount of your purchase will be cut in half. That means that if you buy this set it will only cost you $ 1.00!

Have fun creating!

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