May 13, 2014

Flower Clipart In 3 Color Styles

To add some more sets to the $ 2.00 items in my Etsy shop I created a bunch of digital flowers this weekend. Eventually I made 3 separate sets: one in blue & green tones, one in pink & purple tones and one in red, orange & yellow tones.


* 48 digital flower clipart images
* 3 different flower shapes are used
* 2 different styles per shape: completely colored & see-through with border
* all images are in .PNG file for optimal digital use
* images have no backgrounds
* images are 750 pixels wide, heights vary slightly
* each set will be delivered to you in 1 ZIP-file after purchase

The sets are $ 2.00 each, but if you like to buy all 3 sets you get a discount with a coupon code. 

*When buying 2 items of $ 2.00 each, use coupon code AMSTERDAM at checkout and receive a discount of $ 0.75! - Instead of paying $ 4.00 for 2 items you only pay $ 3.25!

*When buying 3 items of $ 2.00 each, use coupon code HOLLAND at checkout and receive a discount of $ 1.50! - Instead of paying $ 6.00 for 3 items you only pay $4.50!

This coupon code info is also mentioned in the description of each item on Etsy so you won't forget to use it.

If you're interested in an even bigger discount, please stay tuned for tomorrow's post. Tomorrow is my birthday and I'm going to celebrate that with a great discount!

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