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Watercolor Dot Social Media Icons

April 21, 2014

I've been working on adding some new sets of social media icons to the ones that I already in my Etsy shop and these watercolor dot icons are amongst the latest that I've created.

For a while I was doubting whether to continue designing social media icons after a not so great experience with them on Etsy. One day I got an email from Etsy stating that they took down one of my social media icon sets because someone from Facebook had complained about the unlawful use of their F-icon. Up till then I was totally unaware that I couldn't use the icon for my sets. I saw other designers doing the exact same thing with all the icons, hell, I even bought my first blog template (for my cooking blog) through Etsy with the Facebook icon included.
Anyway, turns out that Facebook is rather strict with the use of either their F-icon and even the word 'Facebook'. You can't just use it and make stuff with it. Hard lesson learned as a designer....
The other companies like Twitter and Instagram for instance don't seem to make such a problem out of it (at least that's the word amongst designers).

So from that moment on I didn't want to do anything illegal by using the exact F-icon or the word Facebook in my designs. That's why my new sets use an F-icon, but the font is definitely different from the font used by Facebook for their icon. This way the icon is also usable to direct readers/visitors of your blog or website to your Flickr account if you have any.

I got to get creative to be creative ;-)

Anyway, the new set of watercolor dot icons contains the following:

* 100 watercolor dot social media icons
* 10 different colors
* 10 different icons per color:

- empty icon: use it for whatever you like
- B icon: use it for Blogger or Bloglovin
- envelop icon: use it for Email or Contact
- E icon: use it for Etsy or Email
- F icon: use it for Facebook or Flickr
- heart icon: use it for Bloglovin or We Heart It
- G+ icon: for Google +
- camera icon: use it for Instagram
- P icon: use it for Pinterest or Picasa
- bird icon: use it for Twitter

* each icon is in .PNG file, for optimal digital use, that means icons have no backgrounds
* all 100 icons in 3 different sizes to fit all sidebars: 120x120, 100x100 & 80x80 pixels
* use one color to personalize your blog or website or mix and match, the choice is up to you!
* set will be delivered in one ZIP-file for downloading