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Watercolor Blog Headers Customized With Your Title

April 26, 2014

It seems that the watercolor social media icon sets I make are selling the best in my Etsy shop. I guess people either love watercolor design that much, or it's just in fashion. Who knows.

Anyway, after designing a couple of the social media sets for blogs and websites I thought it was about time to add a watercolor blog header package to the shop.


* 8 watercolor blog headers (different colors)
* all headers will be customized with the blog title and subtitle you want to put on them
* all headers will be delivered to you in .JPEG files as well as in .PNG files
* standard size of a  header is 1000x351 pixels, but if you need another size I will be happy to change that for you
* if you see a font in one of the other available header packages that you like better than the font used for this package, I will be happy to change that for you too
* since you will receive the header in 8 color styles it's easy to change your blog's look when you're fed up with it

With a price of $ 10.00 custom blog header packages are currently the most expensive items in my shop, but wait, there's a great way to save some serious money!


Say you would like to order this blog header set and love to get discounts. Then head over to my Etsy shop. Favorite one of my items, favorite my shop or start following my shop. Everyone that does one of these things for the first time will be sent a FREE ITEM GIFT CODE by me (usually within 24 hours).

Now, when you make a purchase you will get an item (up to $ 3.50) for free with your purchase. So make that first purchase, maybe you would like to add some watercolor social media icons to your blog, then I suggest you buy a set of those icons for $ 3.50.

After you make a purchase Etsy will send you a coupon code for a future purchase, and it's a 50% discount code! So when you make your second purchase, you purchase the blog header set, which will then only cost you $ 5.00!

After these two purchases you will have a set of icons for $ 3.50, a blog header package for $ 5.00 and a free item with that first purchase. So 3 items for only $ 8.50, a bargain!


I can imagine spending $ 10.00 on an item that still has to be made for you can raise some doubts or questions. What if the size I want isn't right for this type of header? What if I want another font with the header? Whatever is on your mind, don't hesitate and just contact me before you even make a purchase, I will be happy to answer your questions before you decide to purchase anything!