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Scalloped Watercolor Button Labels

April 22, 2014

This set resembles a recent watercolor labels set, although those labels had a rectangular shape. I thought it would be nice to add a round shape as well.

I made this set in .PNG files and in .JPEG files. The .PNG files have no backgrounds, so they are easy to use in a digital way. You can plaster them over photos, pictures, even on blogs and websites.
The .JPEG files are for printing. If you like to work with real paper for your creative projects, then the .JPEG files will give a better result on paper. Keep in mind though that the quality of a paper decoration not only depends on the .JPEG file, but also on the paper and printer you use.


* 34 scalloped watercolor button labels/tags
* all 34 labels come in .PNG file as well as in .JPEG file
* every labels is 600x600 pixels in size
* the whole set will be delivered to you in 2 ZIP-files (one for the .PNG files and one for the .JPEG files)

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