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The Digital Owl Decoration Kit - Available On Etsy & Dawanda

April 3, 2014

It might sound a little weird, but this is a set that I'm pretty proud of myself. It took me a while before I had it the way I wanted it to be, but I pulled it off in the end.

Since this set is both in .PNG files and .JPEG files it's great for digital creative projects, but als good for printing, when you rather work with real paper. Please use a good printer and the right kind of paper for your beautiful scrapbook creations, it makes a world of difference!

The set contains:

* 108 digital owl images
* all images in .PNG file for optimal digital use
* all images also in .JPEG file (300 DPI) for great printing
* 16 colored owls images, all in normal design as well as in fabric look
* single owl are 500x540 pixels in size
* 16 heart images, all in normal design as well as in fabric look
* heart images are 493x445 pixels in size
* 8 round fabric look buttons
* round buttons are 500x495 pixels in size
* 8 sculped fabrick look buttons
* sculped buttons are 500x486 pixels in size
* 16 see-through buttons in stamp look
* see-through buttons are 600x600 pixels in size
* 6 banners (1200 pixels wide), all in normal design as well as in fabric look
* this set comes in a 2 ZIP-file download

Visit my Etsy Shop or my Dawanda Shop to purchase this lovely set!