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Custom Blog Design - A Header Of Your Choice

April 17, 2014

I've recently added a new category to my Etsy Shop: Custom Blog Headers. A lot of people these days have blogs or want to start a blog. I recently read that right now there are about 164 million blogs world wide circling the Internet! Isn't that incredible?

I love to read other people's blogs, every person has a different story to tell and I often get sucked into that story by the way it's written, the pictures that are shared and also by the way a blog is personalized.

A blog is not only for sharing a personal story, a lot of people like to make the layout personal too to show their unique personality.

Since the Etsy Shop opened I have put some blog kits on there and some social media icons, but now I want to head into a more customized direction by giving people the opportunity to have a customized blog header and logo.

So far I've made 2 packages. I basically design a blog header and logo and I can add your blog title and subtitle to it.



You will get:

* 3 blog headers (in different styles) in .JPEG file
* the headers will be customized by me with your blog name and subtitle on it
* 3 mini logos in the same 3 styles as the headers, each logo comes in 3 sizes to fit most sidebars: 300, 350 & 400 pixels wide
* the mini logos will be customized by me with your blog name

*NOTE: if you want the header in another size to fit your blog, that's no problem. Also, if you think that a font used in one of the other blog header packages fits your blog better, it's possible to use that font with the header of your choice to customize it some more.

I design these blog headers and mini logos for more than one sale, otherwise I would have to charge a much higher price for it due to the time I spent on creating it. So it’s possible that other people buy these items too. They will have a similar header for their blog, but you’ve still got a choice between the 3 styles, between fonts, and blog titles and subtitles are always different. I will sell a package no more than 25 times to preserve some uniqueness, then I will take it off my Etsy shop.

Since these headers are custom made it's not available as an instant download on Etsy. That means that after you purchase it on Etsy I start working on it and send it to you via email as soon as possible.

So if you're interested in getting a customized blog header check out the links above. Maybe there's nothing that appeals to you now, but I will be adding more blog header designs to the shop. So feel free to browse the shop every now and then!

Aurore - Olive Style

Cécile - Lavender Style