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Note Block Style Blog Design - Headers, Logos & Social Media Icons

April 29, 2014


Last week I woke up one night and an idea popped into my mind: why don't I use note block pages to create social media icons?! Really, I have the best and craziest ideas at night...

Well, the idea stuck to my head and I ended up creating the set of Note Block Style Social Media Icons. And then after finishing that set I thought: why not add a custom blog header & logo package to this series so people can create a complete look on their blog or website. And thus the Note Block Style Headers & Logos were born...

I made sure that I used the same colors and font styles in the headers and logos as I did in the social media icons, that way they have become a perfect match and you can play around with all the styles in both sets.

I decided to use two styles of note block paper: a white one and a yellow, more classic kind of paper. With the white paper style I used two fonts: 'Colleged & Underwood Champion', for the yellow paper style I used 'Sketch Rockwell & Angelina'.

The six logos


The Header & Logo Package

* 3 blog headers Yellow Note Block Style of 1000x359 pixels with a white background
* 3 blog headers White Note Block Style of 1000x400 pixels with a white background
* all 6 headers will be delivered in .PNG file as well as in .JPEG file
* all headers will be customized by me with your blog name and subtitle on it
* 3 mini logos Yellow Note Block Style with a white background
* 3 mini logos White Note Block Style with a white background
* all mini logos will be delivered in .PNG files as well as .JPEG files
* all 6 mini logos will be customized by me with your blog name
* all logos will be delivered in 2 sizes: 300 & 200 pixels wide to fit sidebars

The Social Media Icon Set

* a set of 116 social media icons in block note style
* 58 icons in white block note style with punched holes
* 58 icons in yellow block note style with paperclip
* all icons are in .PNG file for easy digital use
* icons have white backgrounds
* all 116 icons available in 3 sizes: 120 - 100 - 80 pixels wide
* icons with punched holes come in 2 different font styles and 3 colors
* icons with paperclip come in 2 different font styles and 3 colors
* set will be delivered to you in 1 ZIP-file for downloading
* 12 different icons: B (blogger/bloglovin) - E (email/etsy) - F (facebook/flickr) - G (google+) - I (instagram) - P (pinterest/picasa) - T (twitter/tumblr) - empty - envelop - heart - info - link

NOTE: these icons have white backgrounds, therefore they look best on a white background.


Buying both sets would cost you $ 13.50 in total, but there is a cheaper option!

Just purchase the Social Media Icons set first for $ 3.50. After paying you will receive a Thank-You-Coupon-Code which will give you a 50% discount on your next purchase!

Then make a second purchase in which you order the custom blog header package and you use the 50% coupon code at checkout. Instead of $ 10.00 the custom set will now only cost you $ 5.00! Now that's a deal, isn't it?

And to make it even better: when you favorite my shop, one of my items, or you start following my shop on Etsy for the first time, I will send you a code for a free item with your next purchase. So on top of the deal mentioned above, you can pick out another item up to $ 3.50 for free!

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